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The European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) is an independent platform for Security Focal Points from European humanitarian agencies operating internationally. EISF members are committed to improving the safety and security of relief operations and staff, in a way that allows greater access to and impact for crisis-affected populations. EISF was created to encourage a more prominent role for security management in international humanitarian operations. It provides a space for NGOs to collectively improve security management practice, and facilitates exchange between members and other bodies such as the UN, institutional donors, research institutions, training providers and a broad range of international NGOs. EISF fosters dialogue, coordination, and documentation of current security management practice. Vision EISF's vision is to become a global reference point for applied practice, collective knowledge and current challenges in security management for humanitarian agencies. Knowledge exchange, coupled with structured analysis and reflection, action research and external advocacy, will enable EISF to continue to challenge the international community and humanitarian agencies to incorporate security into all organisational activities, in order to achieve higher impact in the delivery of humanitarian assistance.




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