Hello and welcome to my personal finance and travel site, Watchdog Jobs!

I created this website in order to help me improve my finances, travel while earning an income, keep track of my progress, and to help readers improve their finances along the way.

My name is Nathan and I have traveled to 30+ countries and counting. I currently have a Master's in Public Policy: International Affairs and have zero student debt. 

This being said, I also served in the Marine Corps from 2007-2011...which helped tremendously by paying my student costs with the G.I. Bill. 

Nevertheless, I have been able to travel and make a recurring income because of landing contract jobs overseas and building websites that have made me passive income (this site you're on generated over $28,000 in sales).

My debt (from credit cards used while traveling) was a big reason why I started this website.

Anyways, now my focus is on building more of a passive income and showing readers my progress month-to-month.

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