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Make an Income Abroad

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Why Work Abroad?
  • Financial Goal Checklist
  • Basics of Finding Overseas Work

Module 2: The Job Abroad

  • Where to Look: Contract & Private Jobs
  • Where to Look: Federal
  • The Job Search Organizer
  • US Government and Federal Agency List
  • Security Company List

Module 3: Remote Work

  • What is Remote Work?
  • Where to Look: Remote

Module 4: The Perfect Resume

  • The Perfect Cover Letter
  • What You Need In Your Resume
  • 7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Harm Your Career
  • What to Do When You Are Laid Off
  • 3 Basic Job Search Strategies You May Be Overlooking
  • Top Strategies for Job Seekers
  • 23 Ways To Find A Job
  • Strategies for Job Hunting Over the Weekend
  • LinkedIn Mastery
  • Top 10 Steps to Career Success
  • Reaching Out to the Recruiter
  • Ace Your Job Interview: Tactics for Practicing
  • Reaching a Recruiter
  • The Follow-Up: After the Application

Side Hustle: Start and Monetize a Blog

  • Introduction to the Mini-Course
  • Pick your Topic: Content that Converts
  • Blogger’s Marketing Toolkit
  • Audience and Monetization
  • Cheapskate Traffic
  • Better Content Marketing

Side Hustle: Start and Monetize a Membership Site

  • Introduction to the Mini-Course
  • Planning Your Membership Site
  • Creating Your Membership Site
  • Launching Your Membership Site
  • Growing Your Membership Site
  • Membership Site 101
  • Tiny Subscriptions, Big Profits

Side Hustle: Start and Monetize an Online Course

  • Introduction to the Mini-Course
  • Starting From Nothing
  • Taxes, Business Models
  • Vision of Your Course
  • Niche Platform
  • Setting Goals
  • Where Does Content Come From?
  • Narrowing Down the Topic
  • Topic Research, Target Market Research
  • Structuring Your Course
  • Supplemental Material and Filling Out Your Course
  • Finalizing and Packaging Your Course
  • Be a Course Ninja

Side Hustle: Be an Affiliate Marketer

  • Introduction to the Mini-Course
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Choosing an Approach
  • Choosing Your Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Advantage